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What are the variables?




Most singers can do almost a half tone vibrato

How the vibrato should look like in terms of tuning

How to do the vibrato on the saxophone

There are a few methods:

  1. Using the Jaw (recommended)
  2. Using the lips
  3. Using the throat
  4. Using the diafragm

When using the jaw vibrato the lips is the soft surface that suports the mouthpiece. When the jaw moves the pressure between the reed and the lips changes, then the vibration of the reed gets impacted. These comes with an average tune, timbre and volume change.

How to practice

Focus on the movement and tempo

Practice 4, 3, 6, and 5 vibrati per beat. Start at 60 bpm then increment slowly up to 90.

In a research of several players they found the following:

  • the slowest vibrato was 4 at 78bpm
  • the fastest vibrato was 4 at 96bpm
  • the average was 4 at 82bpm
  • tendency is to use slower vibrato
  • the average tendency could be described as 4 at 80-84, 3 at 120-126

Focus in quality

Play simple scales, try to smooth the transitions

Practice the next passages with vibrato

Switch between vibrato and articulations

Practice with dynamic changes keep the average vibrato and the amplitude constant

Switch from plain to vibrato