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Cryptocurrency Market Overview

From we were able to get the top 5000 currencies.

From those there are 3864 based in other currencies like ETH, Cardano, etc.

Here is an overview:

Most of the cryptocurrencies are made based on Etherum, from those 5000 more than a half 66.5% (2569) are built using ETH.

Then, the other most used platform is Binance. Both platforms hold the 2nd position: Binance Smart Chain and Binance Chain used by 935 and 61 respectively. Binance Smart Chain support smart contracts and Binance Chain don’t.

This is the break down:

There are 707 coins that dont depend on other platform with circulating supply with price < 1.

I hope this gives you more sight.

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Cardano ADA Analysis

First lets see what is the current Status:

Available Supply32.1B
Total Supply45.0B
Current Market Capitalization90.58B
Current Price2.83 USD
Cardano Status 06/09/2021

Now lets see see how the Global Market capitalization Grows over the last 2 years

From we got:

Some Important notes:

DateMarket captitalization USD
04/01/200.20 T
01/06/200.27 T
01/01/210.77 T
01/06/211.63 T
01/09/212.18 T
01/01/22(Forecast)2.75 T
Market Capitalization could be 2.75 T by end of 2021

Now lets do some analysis:

  1. How Cardano will behave taking more Market capitalization related to ETH
  2. How Cardano will behave if nothing happens

How Cardano will behave taking 70% of Market capitalization related to ETH

CoinPrice (USD)Market Cap. (USD)%
BTC51312 962.96 B39.00
ETH3895456.23 B18.00
ADA2.83 90.58 B 3.75
Market Capitalization of BTC ETH and ADA as 06/09/2021

Assuming Cardano Reaches 70% of current ETH Market Capitalization:

Market Cap. = 456.23 B x 0.7 = 319.36 B

Then The price would be:

Formula: Price = MC / Av. Supply

Price = 319.23 B/ 32.1 B = 9.94 USD

How Cardano will behave if nothing happens

From the chart “Market Capitalization could be 2.75 T by end of 2021″we assume that Global Market Capitalization will be 2.75 T USD. See chart above.

Global Market Cap. at 01/01/2022 = 2.75 T USD = 2750 B USD.

Cardano Market Capitalization (01/01/2022) = 2750 B x 0.0375 = 103.2 B

Price = 103.2 B/ 32.1 B = 3.21 USD